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Cleanup services

Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. At Geetanjali studio salon sector 46 the cleanup services provided are so effective which makes the studio the best salon in Gurgaon. The cleanup performed by the best beauticians in Gurgaon rejuvenates the skin through quick exfoliation which works mainly on the epidermis layer. This skin ritual has been developed specially for those ladies who have a busy schedule and can devote very less for their skincare. It quickly refreshes and restores the skin’s youthful appearance, without causing any allergies or sensitivity. It subtly maintains the moisture of the skin and never makes it oily or dry.

It is a deep cleansing treatment that includes BHA and effective antioxidants that penetrate deep into the pores and clears out any obstructions present in the pores. It has been effective in neutralizing any sensitivity, irritation or redness present on the skin. The beauticians of Geetanjali studio salon sector 46 apply such techniques that efficaciously control any excessive oil on the face and make a considerable change in the complexion of the skin, minimizing all the types of skin worn outs. These techniques make Geetanjali studio salon sector 46 the best salon in Gurgaon.

This is a perfect treatment for sun tanned skin as it is an effective De-Tan including the high strength of AHAs and BHA. This skin brightening ritual performed at Geetanjali studio salon sector 46 not only works on the congestion of pores and cleansing the skin inside out but also on minimizing the effect of suntan and making the skin look bright and giving it a subtle, natural glow which enhances the look of the skin. This procedure is when done on stressed and dehydrated skin, yields an overwhelming result which can only be done by the specially trained staff at the best salon in Gurgaon, Geetanjali studio salon sector 46. the moisturizer in the cream hydrates the skin and makes it looks nourished after all nobody would like their skin to be chapped and looking worn out.

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